The Little Glass Hut

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Featuring the Stained Glass work of Saskatchewan Artist Dorothy Ball. Many of the items are one of a kind and have been sold. We can work together at creating similar pieces or something different altogether.

  • (1031) Solar Lites On 15 In. Copper Pipe Solar Lites On 15 In. Copper Pipe
  • (955) Barn Swallow Barn Swallow
  • (944) Weyburn Nursing Home Panels Weyburn Nursing Home Panels
  • (898) Solar Lite Arrangement Solar Lite Arrangement
  • (898) Small Hummer Plant Stakes Small Hummer Plant Stakes
  • (884) Stained Glass Twirlers Stained Glass Twirlers
  • (869) Bumble Bees Bumble Bees
  • (852) Sunflower Stake Sunflower Stake
  • (705) Blue Heron on Driftwood Blue Heron on Driftwood
  • (682) Iridescent and Bevels Iridescent and Bevels
  • (678) Checkerboard Table1 Checkerboard Table1
  • (670) Kitchen Cupboard Panel Kitchen Cupboard Panel
  • (669) Blue Oval Blue Oval
  • (664) Checkerboard Table Checkerboard Table
  • (654) Bright Orange Hanging Bright Orange Hanging